I recently did some commercial photography at the incredible Golf Fang in Sheffield, and what a venue it is! It’s a simply enormous space (25,000sq ft!) just round the corner from Sheffield United football stadium. Filled to the brim with an 18 hole immersive crazy golf course, bar and seating area.

Every available space of wall and ceiling is covered in incredible graffiti from a variety of artists. Each hole is individually themed and every detail has been considered. Even down to creating airline logos for the literal half a plane constructed!

Venues of this size are always challenging to photograph. The super high warehouse ceilings with virtually no natural light mean lots of places for light to struggle to find no matter what you do. There’s also fluorescent lighting, ultraviolet (UV), light projection screens and coloured LEDs all in the same space. Getting an accurate colour balance therefore, as well as lighting the room evenly, can be quite the challenge.

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