About Oliver Dixon Photography

Hi I’m Oliver of Oliver Dixon Photography, a wedding and commercial photographer based in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. I am lucky to work all around the UK and overseas and will travel just about anywhere on Earth to shoot! Photography is my passion as well as profession. I don’t just photograph subjects; I capture the moment and the way it makes you feel.

Shooting across both weddings and commercial genres allows me to take the best attributes both industries have to offer and translate that into work all my clients love. The technical understanding and critical thinking demanded by my commercial clients means I have an intrinsic extensive knowledge. That allows me to enter a wedding planned to a tee and able to adapt instantly to an ever changing landscape as the day unfolds.
For me, wedding photography is all about emotion. Constantly expanding my emotive vocabulary when it comes to photography, means that when I’m shooting a commercial client’s food menu for instance, I’m equipped to find creative ways to inspire an audience to be seduced by the imagery.

Please, visit my contact page and get in touch to talk about your photography needs.